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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

H!P HNPH News - Kakei Toshio Will Not Let His Costars Get Pregnant!

Matsuura Aya, Tokito aMi and Kakei Toshio appeared in Tokyo for a press conference promoting their theater show Sukedachi ~ す★け★だ★ち (Seems like a trend for people to put stars in the titles), which will open on 5th to 14th August at Koma Stadium in Shinkuku, Tokyo. It's a wild story of a national idol(Ayaya) and a historical character(Kakei) offering a helping hand to an alien, who is suffering under a dictator ruler. No, aMi is not the alien, but she plays the role of the villain. (^o^)/

For those who don't remember, Kakei Toshio also took part in a recent theater "Itsu no hika kimi kaeru" which Ishikawa Rika and Tsuji Nozomi took part in a double cast... before Tsuji got "ill" and replaced by Yoshizawa Hitomi.

I have known about Kakei Toshio since way back in the late 90's of the hit franchise Odoru Daisousasen, he is an excellent actor with gripping performances. However, it is also noted that in Kakei's past theater participations, something will happen to his co-stars i.e. getting pregnant (Hirosue Ryoko in 2003 and Tsuji Nozomi in 2007). Therefore, in reference to Ayaya's agency UFA and its continuing scandals, Kakei funnily remarked "Somehow, my costars will eventually get pregnant in my theaters. I will play the role of a 'father' and make sure that my idol costars here (Ayaya) will NOT get pregnant!". Kakei is 44 years old, the same age as Ayaya's father. Co-actor Kitamura Yukiya jokingly added to the light-hearted atmosphere by saying that people have been losing their cell-phones in theater, and HE will make sure no one else loses theirs. ^_^

EDIT: Tsunku will be in charge of the music for this theater. Apparently Kakei only agreed to star on this theater on the condition that he is allowed to perform a duet with Ayaya.

Also involved in this theater are comedian Miyagawa Daisuke and (surprise, surprise) competitive eater and Gyaruru leader - Gyaru Sone.
Lastly, the theater casts announced that they are determined to give the audiences a good performance and something to remember from summer.

News from Oricon
News from Nikkan Sports 1 and 2
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News from Chunichi Web
Source from "The Television"
Video on H!O


All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. Very funny.

Annie said...

Hopefully Kakei can keep his promise...

Anna said...

xD Funny~

Is Tsunku planning on using a song that Aya will sing in the theater show as a new single? Maybe that's why it's been pushed back... o-O

Xacur said...

happy birthday to Nono, she is gettin married today T_T

Anna said...

Everyone is going crazy about the JunJun and LinLin handshake event, which showed their talents. LinLin fans are going up now. She sings very good. O_O JunJun's piano skills are also very good! MM is safe.

Xacur said...

@anna: cool that's very good news.
Hope to see the videos soon.

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