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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's Showtime! Konno Asami Back to Fuel Hello! Project!!

This news is too good to not be documented real time. Incidentally, my boss is not around yet anyways... ^_^ (Special thanks to Anna for the headsup!)

And yes, ladies and gentlemen! Konno Asami who has graduated from Morning Musume last year in July, is back with Hello! Project. After so many speculations of whether Konkon is coming back to showbiz, it's finally official. (^_^)/

UFA has released a comment saying that it was Konkon's wish to rejoin and play in Gatas after she is able to enter the university of Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus. Her first stage for a comeback will be held at Nagoya Century Hall with Hello! Project tour concert in July.

Konkon on the other hand, have commented that "Although I am worried if I am able to balance (Gatas) with my studies, but I am determined to try my best to make it happen. To all the people who have given their support through my entry to the university, I am most eager to meet them again. However, if there is a conflict between Gatas and studies, I wish to give priority to my studies first."

She will be participating in a single, performed by a combination of Gatas Brilhantes Futsal Club and some members from Hello! Project Eggs.

The single will be titled "Nari hajimeta koi no Bell ~ 鳴り始めた恋のBell" (Meaning: The bells of love have begun to ring) and produced by none other than Tsunku. This single will also be the image song for Dralion Cirque Du Soleil circus troupe. This will be the second "supporter song" written for Dralion, the first being "Bokura ga Ikiru My Asia" by the Morning Musume A-Team. I expect the song style would be similar, depending who is doing the song arrangement. It will be released on the 22nd of August.

The line-up are as follows:

NameGroupGatas Tag
Yoshizawa HitomiFormer Morning MusumeGatas☆Spirit
Ishikawa RikaViyuudenFull Throttle☆Attacker
Satoda MaiCountry MusumeUltima☆Register
Korenaga MikiHello! Project EggsMiss☆Dream Maker
Konno AsamiFormer Morning MusumeLittle☆Braver
Mano ErinaHello! Project Eggs
Noto ArisaHello! Project Eggs
Sawada YuriHello! Project Eggs
Sengoku MinamiHello! Project Eggs
Mutoh MikaHello! Project Eggs

Funny though, Konkon is still listed in the Skylark site as one of the graduated members. Are they not going to update that page yet?
Players of Gatas (senior) that are not involved are -> Fujimoto Miki, Tsuji Nozomi and Shibata Ayumi. I can understand why Fujimoto and Tsuji are not involved, but Shibata? Actually, I have my speculations, but that is another story.

On topic, I'm ecstatic! My favourite extracurricular-all-rounder, slow-eater, "My Pace" idol Pon-chan is back!! I was so devastated last year when she graduated, and the feeling of never going to ever see her again is one that I cannot describe. This exciting news is truly an upside event, giving us a break from all those scandals and stuff. What's more, we get to see more of the Hello! Project Eggs in action (Which I hope won't be just doing backup dancing). Looking forward to it!

Another thing.... For those who haven't heard, apparently Konkon has dyed her hair blonde since entering the university. In other words, had become a real Gyaru. We don't have pictures of that yet, but I have been hearing stories from eyewitnesses seeing her in blonde. Let's see how blonde it got, or if she is going to dye it with another colour again. I wonder if she has put on some weight as well....... BUT anyways, I think she should keep the blonde hair, so that she can be inducted into Gyaruru. Now THAT is cool! (*Bites green apple*)

Lastly, some videos for your enjoyment.

Alo-Hello Konno Asami. Yup, she can play basketball too. I'm sure fellow ballers will recognise that is one good lookin' shoot and follow-through~~~! (^o^)/

Gatas Brilhantes FC Highlights - Konno Asami's last game and graduation. This small girl can HUSTLE! (^_^)b

News from Sanspo

 大学受験のため昨年7月にモーニング娘。を卒業し、芸能界を引退した紺野あさ美(20)が電撃復帰することが18日、発表された。ハロー!プロジェクトのフットサルチーム「ガッタス ブリリャンチスH.P.」が8月にCDデビューするのに合わせて、メンバーに復活。7月15日のハロプロ名古屋公演で1年ぶりにステージに立つ。紺野は「学業との両立で頑張ります」と張り切っている。







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Xacur said...

Gatas will be more Brilhantes with Konkon ^^

Hotaru said...

It devastated me when she graduated too, I just got really into Morning Musume, how could she go and just graduate on me? Oh well, she's back...! I'm so excited...

Anonymous said...

blonde hair doesnt mean gal...

Xacur said...

@anon: I hope blonde hair doesnt mean gal ^^

steve said...

It's the best news since a long time.
(even if i think that miki's scandal is a good one^^)
Makoto didn't graduate from HP! and she disapears.
We thought we'll never see Konkon again, and we saw her at january concert for miuna/ asami's graduation... and now, another HP concert. (Why Nagoya?)
I don't think Shibata is on trouble. But, i didn't see her on tv as a talento since three month. I think she has a boyfriend and she's right.

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