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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Koi No Vacance - W (DoubleU) on guitar

Happy 19th Birthday Kago Ai!

It's been 7 years that Aibon's been in the entertainment world, hasn't it? Well, 6 actually, minus 1 year from the suspension... Well, let's leave that one to the past, shall we?

As Nono mentioned before, being 19 years of age means that this will be the final year where you get to declare your age in teens.

It doesn't matter if Aibon is back with us..... err.... well, not true really. Cos at this moment, I'm clicking on the "refresh" button on Hello! Project official site, anticipating some sort of miracle news to appear............ ANYWAY, it's her birthday and I wish her best of health and luck. I pray that the wish she makes on this birthday will come true~~~ ^_^

I made this video to celebrate Aibon's birthday.

...... been a long time, gotten rusty.... AND I totally forgot to clean the lens before recording! ^_^
I had this one transposed ages ago, just no time to record it down. I guess now is a good time .... or I'll never get to do it.

Once again, Happy Birthday Aibon!


Cookie Holiday said...

That is some quality guitar playing, I wish I ahd the time and skill to transpose that well, it's absically impossible to get tabs for H!P stuff on the Internet.

Of course a Happy Birthday to Aibon...I'm still living in hope.

Xacur said...

I wish I could hear the song but I can't because of my PC.
I hope today will be the day
Aibon, I miss her

Fernando said...

I'm no guitar-expert or something but that was great!

Aibon, HB!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday to Aibon!

Who isn't at O_O

I hope some news can come! >_<

That was so cool music there, too!

paul.thomas said...

Loving the song!

Happy Bday Aibon!!

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys! Glad you like it. ^_^

I'm practically camping at the doorsteps of Hello! Project and Up Front Works website, hoping for some news to pop up... :P

@cookie holiday
There are fans who tabbed some H!P songs, just click here. Hope this helps. There's another site, but I forgotten where.... ^_^

I wonder what Aibon is doing for her birthday today?

Anna said...

>_< I'm startin to get sick of looking at the constant layout change at the site now.. T_T


sniper said...

wow that really sounds beauiful...ive seens you're other versions of h!p songs they sure are goood!

i was actually hoping that aibon might come back on her birthday/...guess not, well theres always the 10th???

...happy bday aibon

Radicalpatriot said...

Nice work, and you chose a haunting photo of Aibon. I still remember her in that old Tanpopo song with Yaguchi, Rika and Kaori, with hats and canes ... I'm not yet ready to give her up, either.

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